Did you know that THE THING was only made for 2 years in the USA? This was a 1973 THING and a 1974 THING

Many people want to say that THE THING was made in 1975 as well, however, if it was sold as a 1975, it was actually a 1974 THING. As no US models were ever imported as a 1975 THING, into the USA. This is due to the fact the safety standards were changed in 1975 and Volkswagen didn’t want to update THE THING to meet those standards.

Check out this great video.


For more information and Freebies get to the website at vw-thing.com

As I get more information I will post it here on the VW THING blog.

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More VW THING questions.

If you are looking for a VW THING, they were only sold in America for 2 years, as a 1973 Volkswagen THING, along with the 1974 Volkswagen THING, they are also know in the VW world as type 181’s . Many people buy a VW Thing with the intentions of restoring them. The most common question I get is for 1973 VW THING Parts, or where can I find a 1973 Volkswagen THING for sale? It seems strange that the 1973 VW THING for sale is the most popular question and not where can I find a 1974 VW THING for sale. Personally my favorite VW THING is the 1973 VW THING, as I feel the gas heater was a much better approach to heating the THING then the heater boxes installed on the 1974 VW THINGs.

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New Video from Bandimere!

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Just Got Back from Bandimere!

1973 Thing Fan ShroudLook at What I scored! I found a 1973 Genuine THING fan Shroud!

73 VW THING Fan Shroud

The Back side of the 1973 VW THING fan shroud I just scored!

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VW THING-5 Bolt wheels

VW THING-5 Bolt Wheels

Many people ask me why I remove the hub caps on THE THING? I Think, when the wheels are clean and painted nicely these wheels LOOK awesome. Don’t you?

Acapulco THING

For more info on THE THING get to the website @ vw-thing.com

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VW THING-in the movies

VW THING-in the movies

I have complied this list of Volkswagen THINGS that have appeared in the movies or on TV. Anybody got any more?

(I don’t remember where I got this, if I did I would gladly give credit).

★ Two VW Things are driven by Nazis in ”Rat Race”.

★ Ivy Miller (Reese Witherspoon) drives a VW Thing in the the 1998 movie ”Overnight Delivery”.

★ A Volkswagen Thing was featured in the 2001 movie ”Extreme Days”.

★ Sandra Bullock does her driving test in a VW Thing in ”Speed 2”.

★ Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character drives a Thing in the film ”Trojan War”.

★ The opening scene of the 1991 Fox TV-Movie ” has two nerds driving a Volkswagen Thing to Adams College.

★ A Volkswagen Thing is driven by John Cusack and Tim Robbins’ characters in the movie ”Tapeheads”.

★ The Police Vehicles chasing Paco in the beginning of ”Herbie Goes Bananas” are VW Things.

★ Rob Schneider drives a VW Thing in the 1993 movie ”Surf Ninjas”.

★ A Volkswagen Thing is driven by Stevie Wayne, the owner of the KAB radio station, in John Carpenter’s ”The Fog”.

★ An orange Volkswagen Thing was the car rented by Ryan O’Neal in Mexico in the movie ”Green Ice”.

★ Other films to feature Things or Safaris include ”Against All Odds, Runaway Bride, A Fine Mess, Six Days and Seven Nights, Max Dugan Returns, Tilt,” ”Pacific Heights” and ”Spaceballs.”

★ A Volkswagen Thing is featured in the Iranian film ”Secret Ballot”.

★ An Orange Volkswagen Thing is seen being driven by Ben Stiller and Dustin Hoffman in ”Meet the Fockers”. It soon gets pulled over by a corrupt Florida cop.


★ Characters Patty and Selma from the animated television series ”The Simpsons” are often shown driving a yellow Volkswagen Thing.

★ In the ”That’s So Raven” episode ”Driving Miss Lazy”, Eddie buys a Volkswagen Thing after getting his driver’s license.

★ A Volkswagen Thing was featured in episode 2 of season 5 of the MTV series ”Pimp My Ride”. Xzibit says that the car should be named: A No-Name car.

★ The car Jazz of Danny Phantom seems to resemble a Volkswagen Thing.

★ The title character of Moesha drives a gray Thing.

★ The two back up singers, Pepsi and Shirlie drive a yellow Thing in Wham!’s video for “Club Tropicana”.

★ On the show Overhaulin (TLC) the crew does up an orange Thing.

★ A Thing can be seen in the TV movie ”Pirates of Silicon Valley”.

★ On an episode of The Bernie Mac Show, Vanessa’s first car is a VW Thing.

★ On an episode of Burn Notice.


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Did you know that the VW THING had a large color ad in playboy in 1973?

Unfortunately, I cannot display the ad due to copyright restrictions.

But Click VWTHING and you can see it. Courtsey of dastank.com


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